Blue Print Release Retreat

when one has invaded our mind body soul & emotions


Whistling Hills, The Hinterlands of Byron Bay – Nimbin

1hr 10 Flight from Sydney, NSW Australia – 10 drive from Gold Coast, QLD Australia

tereza andjelic

Masters in Holistic Counsellor – Meditation Teacher – Yoga Instructor
When one has invaded our BEING there are so many factors that come into play and having gone through this in my life and healed from all factors, it would only be right to help other women that are struggling.

After interviewing over 100 women and many more coming to me for holistic counselling that have faced a type of abuse, this 4-day “Blue Print Release Retreat” has all my tools put together to help you start or intertwin with your healing process.

4 day’s of

Group Holistic Counselling


Trauma Meditation


Inner Child Work

Understanding how the Blue Print works in our bodies

Healing foods (not only chocolate)

Making longtime new connections.


Holistic Counselling

Holistic counselling refers to a school of thought that aims to address a person as a whole- Mind Body Soul & Emotions.

Morning Yoga

Yoga is an approach to life that values appropriate effort, based on balance and harmony, within each person and with each other.


Trauma Meditation

We can oftern hold onto past trauma until it feels like a natural part of us. Understanding our trauma via meditation can release the feeling that it’s a natural part of us.


PTSD can keep you mired in a feedback loop of negative thinking. 

Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing is intended to reconnect us with the wounded part of ourselves

Holistic Art Healing

Provides opportunities for success and achievement, reduces anxiety, increases self-awareness and helps to explore your creative mind to heal negative thoughts.

Blue Print

Understanding of how our bodies intake trauma on a cellur level making it our Blue Print for self.

Healing Foods

All food is healing but when one has trauma, the wrong kinds of food can be destructive. These 4 days we will be understanding Mindfullness eating and that includes chocolate. 



New Connections

They say “you need a village to raise a child”. I feel the same when healing from all types of trauma”.


the 4 day’s of healing

Firday, 1st September

  • Starting at 2pm
  • Introduction to Tereza Andjelic
  • Introduction to our beautiful grounds at Whistling Hill
  • Settling into our Bell tents
  • Gtting to know each other

Sunday, 3rd September

  • Morning YOGA
  • Holistic Art Healing
  • Inner Child Healing
  • A trip into Nimbin for a couple of hours if some would like or just relaxing on the grounds of Whistling Hill
  • A formal dinner

Saturday, 2nd September

  • Morning YOGA
  • Group and roleplay with holistic counselling
  • Learning how to meditate with ease
  • Understanding PTSD on a different level

Monday, 4th September

  • Morning YOGA
  • Blue Print understanding
  • Journaling
  • 2pm closing
Blue Print Retreat
Blue Print Release Retreat
Dom Macedone
Art Sandyplay
Blue Print Release Retreat

Let’s Work Together!


  • Loads of information about all healing tools
  • Accommodation Teepee (BELL TENTS 3 IN EACH)
  • Scenic and Tranquility Loaction
  • Delicious Healthy Meals
  • 3 night’s Accommodation
  • Visiting Nimbin

Please note if you are wanting to join us and live a flight away, transfers are available from Gold Coast and Ballina airport at $50.

This offer is only to flights that arrive before 11am on Friday 1st and flights that are after 5pm on Monday 4th.

Investment in your mindset:


Deposit to hold your space $150 (non-refundable)

Payment plans

– $175 April 2023

– $175 May 2023

– $175 June 2023

– $175 July 2023

– $175 August 2023

– $175 September 2023




“Thank you for giving me the safe space that I needed to heal my traumas and life, Tereza. You have helped me see that I am not what someone did to me .”

“When you are a little girl you trust people that come into your life because of your innocence. I have struggled in my adult life because of that trauma.

Tereza you have helped me turst people again, thank you.”

“Boy you just got me, Tereza. Thank you for not judging me and giving me that safe space I need to heal my emotional trauma.”


More About

Tereza Andjleic


I am a holistic counsellor and energy healer that prides myself on creating a warm, caring and safe environment for my clients. I work with teens, adults, couples, people with disabilities, healthcare professionals and corporate clients in a truly holistic approach. My work aligns mind, body, spirit and emotions by helping clients identify the emotional triggers for their anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, trauma and addiction.

I was drawn to holistic counselling many years ago based on a powerfully transformative personal experience of working with a holistic counsellor. The holistic counselling enabled me to see life from a different perspective and helped me secure a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.

I now passionately help others change their lives to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Having undertaken significant study since 2013 holding a Master’s in Holistic Counselling from International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association (IMTTA). In 2018 I travelled to India to obtain my Honours in Holistic Counselling.

Working with the mind, body, spirit and emotions is consistently achieving results for clients that are transformational, practical and sustainable. Client testimonials often involve deep gratitude for the healing, flourishing, new life perspectives and coping tools learnt in their work with me.