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hanalei bay

The Essential Retreat

is feelings, awareness, intuition, discernment and courage.

The Essential Retreat

turns hopelessness and frustration into opportunity, absorbs experience and releases pain.

The Essential Retreat

of every human is unique in colour and shape; and an integral part of the mysterious picture, called the jigsaw of life.

The Essential Retreat

loves to be nurtured and recognised.

The Essential Retreat

is a journey of self-discovery that leads to greater self-awareness, authenticity and a deeper sense of fulfilment in variouse aspects of my life.

The Essential Retreat

loves exploring who I truly am at my core, beyond societal expectations, external influences and superficial labels.

Embrace Possibilities While connecting To Self 

Finding a moment of respite and reflection has become a precious rarity in the bustling modern world, characterised by relentless schedules and digital distractions. Against this backdrop, attending a Holistic Retreat focused on exploring the possibilities for 2024 presents a compelling invitation to step out of the ordinary and into a transformative experience encompassing the mind, body, and soul.

Our innate curiosity to peer into the future is natural and universal as we approach a new year. The Essential Me Retreat serves as a sanctuary for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of the potential trajectories that 2024 might unfold. Unlike traditional gatherings that focus solely on predicting outcomes, this retreat offers a holistic perspective that considers external circumstances and the internal landscape of the self.

The retreat becomes a crucible for personal growth and expansion. The immersive environment fosters self-awareness, encouraging participants to examine their aspirations, intentions, and fears. In a world that often demands conformity, this retreat provides a safe space to explore your desires and chart a path that aligns with your authentic self. Attendees can understand their purpose and direction in the coming year through introspective practices like meditation, journaling, and guided self-discovery exercises.

Our holistic approach extends beyond individual reflection, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all aspects of life. In a world that frequently compartmentalizes professional, personal, and spiritual domains, this retreat breaks down those barriers. It invites participants to recognize that the possibilities for 2024 are not confined to career milestones or material gains; they encompass holistic well-being, meaningful relationships, and a sense of belonging to a larger universe.

why us

Tereza Andjelic

the why 1

Experience a transformational retreat that empowers you to reconnect with your inner essence. Enjoy serene surroundings, enriching workshops, and a supportive community. Your journey to self-discovery

Tereza Andjelic

the why 2

Empower yourself for the year ahead with a retreat focused on growth and renewal. Dive into transformative experiences that lead to clarity, purpose, and self-awareness.

Essential Me Retreat

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Experience a retreat like no other, designed to rejuvenate and empower. Dive into self-care, self-discovery, and holistic wellness to set the tone for a thriving 2024

Essential Me Retreat

the why 4

Escape the chaos and immerse yourself in tranquility. Our 2024 retreat offers you the opportunity to rediscover your passions, goals, and inner peace.

The retreat’s value also lies in its emphasis on mindfulness and presence. In an age of constant digital stimulation and information overload, the retreat encourages attendees to unplug, slow down, and immerse themselves fully in the present moment. Mindfulness practices, guided nature walks, and moments of silent contemplation help attendees cultivate a heightened sense of awareness. This skill, when carried into the uncertainties of 2024, enables individuals to navigate challenges with greater composure and make decisions aligned with their true intentions.

Amidst the chaos of modern life, the retreat serves as a beacon of tranquility. Nestled in serene natural settings, it provides a reprieve from urban noise and daily pressures. The opportunity to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for restoring balance and reinvigorating the spirit. Participants can indulge in practices like forest bathing, yoga, and intuitive massage treatments, reaping the benefits of enhanced mental clarity, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being.

Moreover, the Holistic Retreat nurtures a sense of community and shared purpose. Attendees, united by their commitment to self-discovery and growth, forge connections that transcend the confines of the retreat. These connections often evolve into lasting friendships and support networks that continue to flourish long after the event concludes. The sense of belonging to a community that shares common values and aspirations can provide invaluable encouragement as individuals navigate the uncertainties of the future.

In contemplating the possibilities for 2024, the retreat encourages a paradigm shift—from a passive recipient of fate to an active co-creator of destiny. Workshops and collaborative activities empower participants to harness their creativity and envision the future they desire. By engaging in collective visioning and co-creative projects, attendees tap into the power of intention-setting, manifesting aspirations not just for themselves, but for the collective good.

The retreat also addresses the physical dimension of well-being, recognizing that a healthy body is a cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Nutrition workshops, fitness classes, and holistic healing modalities equip participants with tools to optimize their physical health. This comprehensive approach ensures that attendees step into 2025 not only mentally prepared but also physically resilient, ready to embrace the opportunities that come their way.

The Essential Retreat

About tereza andjelic

I am a holistic counsellor and energy healer that prides myself on creating a warm, caring and safe environment for my clients. I work with teens, adults, couples, people with disabilities, healthcare professionals and corporate clients in an approach that is truly holistic.  My work aligns mind, body, spirit and emotions by helping clients identify the emotional triggers for their anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, trauma and addiction.

I was drawn to holistic counselling many years ago based on a powerfully transformative personal experience of working with a holistic counsellor. The holistic counselling enabled me to see life in a different perspective and helped me secure a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.  I now passionately help others change their lives to overcome challenges and reach full potential.

Having undertaken significant study since 2013 holding an Masters in Holistic Counselling from International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association (IMTTA). In 2018 I travelled to India to obtain my Honours in Holistic Counselling.

Working with the mind, body, spirit and emotions is consistently achieving results for clients that are transformational, practical and sustainable. Client testimonials often involve deep gratitude for the healing, flourishing, new life perspectives and coping tools learnt in their work with me.

Dom Macedone


My name is Dom Macedone, and I’m 36 years old, born and raised in a small country town in Griffith, NSW. Coming from a family of Italian migrants who worked in farming all their lives, I have always connected with the land and earth as a whole, and being able to heal through food and cooking and letting food be thy medicine has always been a motto in my family.

With ancestors coming from a town in Italy, being a healer and understanding the ways of spirit always seemed normal to me. From my nonna, who did blessings and removing the evil eye from people, and to my mother, who was into spirituality and still is a gifted psychic, and it wasn’t until my nonna passed away that I found out that we have a long line of healers going back to my great grandmother …  

 Being a medium, psychic, and empath and learning to channel higher beings at a young age, I wanted to know and learn more and continue to learn! I have a Cert 4 in massage therapy, a certificate in intuitive Balinese massage, a flower therapist, an advanced reiki practitioner, a certificate in rapid release code and access consciousness, energy healing with a touch of shamanism, a master’s degree in holistic counselling and an intuitive tarot card reader and meditation teacher, crystal dealer and healer, sound healing and can also custom make natural fragrances using the purest essential oils and also specialises in house clearing.

All the degrees and certificates I have worked for have all come together to give you a multifaceted service where I can mix massage with healing and meditation and, if required, a card reading as well !!


When considering the value of our Retreat, it’s important to acknowledge the intersection of personal growth and societal impact. As attendees embark on their journeys of self-discovery, they also contribute to a ripple effect extending beyond the retreat’s boundaries. Individuals aligned with their purpose and values tend to radiate positivity and inspire those around them. By nurturing their own well-being, participants become catalysts for positive change in their communities and the world.

The invitation to attend our Essential Me Retreat focused on the possibilities for 2024 is an invitation to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, growth, and interconnectedness. It’s an opportunity to escape the world’s noise, reconnect with your inner essence, and align your intentions with a larger vision for the future. By attending, you’re not just investing in your own well-being; you’re participating in a collective endeavour to shape a more mindful, purposeful, and harmonious 2024 and beyond.




  • Accommodation Teepee (BELL TENTS)
  • Zen Meditation Techniques
  • Scenic and Tranquility Location
  • Delicious Healthy Meals
  • 2 nights’ Accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Dates: June 2025  (TBA)

Check-in Time – TBA

Check-out time – TBA

Investment in your mindset:

Private Room From – $4,600

Shared Room From -$4,200

Deposit to hold your space $1,500 (non-refundable)

Second instalment – November 2024 $900

Third instalment – February 2025 $900

Fourth instalment – April 2025 $900 or $1,300


Hanalei Bay, KAUAI – HAWAII


Whistling HIll
Whistling HIll
The Essential Retreat


Masters in Holistic Counselling and Meditation Teachings


Bookings are open on

Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Lillian Rock by appointment only. 

Thursdays at Wurwillumbah by appointment only. 

PHONE: 0419 437 044