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Tuesday Evening Meditation Classes

A  dynamic approach, working with you in partnership, to bring about cohesion between body, mind and spiritual functioning. The process enables you to work through patterns, beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck; and supports you in opening to greater aspects of the Self.

September 2021

It’s All About Your Mindset Retreat

With the success of the 2020 retreat “A Retreat All About You” and the influx of people wanting to join us I would hate for you to miss out again.

We had 18 spots available for “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR MINDSET- Retreat” but only 5 left so get in early.

Glamping Retreat
Pine Hideaway

November, 12th-14th 2021

3 Day Glamping Relax & Recharge Healing Women’s Only Retreat

Participate in a life-changing group immersion and activation experience to clear, activate, and recharge yourself energetically…

Experience high frequency to rapidly release stress, anxiety, and blocks and expand your energetic capacity to receive healing… In a nature setting and enjoy the experience of GLAmpING

February, 25th-27th 2022

3 Day Glamping Retreat “Are You Living With Purpose”?

A retreat to help you figure out what your purpose is and how you can get there. A big task but we will be breaking it down into simple, practical steps with meditation and connecting to self and using Holistic Positive Psychology.


More Information to come

Life Balancing Clinic
Life Balancing Clinic

April, 29th-1st May 2022

3 Day Glamping Retreat “Bringing Fertility In ALL Areas Of Your LIfe.”

We invite you to join experienced leaders Miranda Murray and Tereza Andjelic for a relaxing weekend in the country, empowering you to your approach to fertility. This retreat is appropriate for women who are currently trying to conceive, either naturally, or through assisted reproductive programs.

September, 16th-18th 2022

3 Day Retreat – Turning DV Emotions, Thoughts and Feelings into Empowering New Momentum

Abuse takes away our sense of security, our ability to laugh, and our ability to readily form healthy relationships. This 3 day retreat will help you find a bit of that ability to laugh, feel a sence of self -love and much more.


More Information to come

Life Balancing Clinic
Life Balancing Clinic

November 25th-27th 2022

3 Day Glamping Retreat Celebrating You

Wild Women, Wise Women, Curious Women, Loud Women, Playful Women, Quiet Women, Women of all Colors and Sexual Orientations we invite you to dare to take this journey of Celebrating You.


More Information to come

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