Finding You

It is time for you to be the true you?

Is it time for you to let go of the old you?

What possibilities can come to you in a  6 week program that is all about you and only you?

Would you allow yourself 1hr every week for 6 weeks to find the real you?

6 Weeks Program

This program is all about YOU working on yourself and allowing the new you to come out.
Tereza will be there with you for the ride and helping guide you to the amazing outrage free spirit that has been waiting to come out.
Each week will be a different outlook of yourself and how you see yourself, this can be overwhelming!


1. Who are you

2. Where are you with any anxiety or depression in your life

3. How to relax your mind

4. Undoing and erasing the old “computer” mindset within you

5. Acknowledging the new you with your new platform



Supported by Tereza for the full 6 weeks. This may be by text, phone or emails.

Price: $1,100.00

To Book call Tereza on 0419 437 044