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Holistic Counselling Tereza Andjelic

“I first met Tereza when she became my Meditation teacher and her outlook and authentic purpose of living a holistic life was instantly aligned with mine. In addition to becoming her student, I also then later became her client and love our sessions together. They are the perfect blend of working out the cobwebs, along with an energy lift that always leaves me feeling lighter when I walk out of her beautiful rooms.

I trust Tereza so much, I also brought my mother in law to see her when she was going through a really tough time in her life. The time, patience and empathy mixed with Tereza’s incredibly qualified knowledge was exactly the tonic that my mother in law needed to help her thrive through a really challenging phase.

Tereza always go above and beyond what you would expect from someone in her field and leavea her clients feeling wholly supported and connected through the whole experience.

Thank you Tereza for your continued support of my whole family. We are forever grateful”

Miranda M 

Holistic Counselling

“I have been visiting Tereza Andjelic since February 2014. I have brought both of my sons aged 15 and 17 in an effort to help them through issues such as the grief and loss of their deceased father, anxiety, depression, and a lack of direction and focus when making important decisions about education and employment.
Tereza has knowledge and experience that is unique and effective in its outstanding results and many success stories. I have seen my children flourish and look towards the future in a positive way that has far exceeded any expectations that I had. Tereza has treated my family with respect and careful consideration and I am truly grateful for the difference she has made in our lives.
Tereza provides a safe, warm, caring environment and exceptional quality of care for young people. I hope it continues to be successful so that Tereza can keep providing such an amazing service and have such a positive impact on people everywhere.
I recommend her to your attention and wish her all the very best for the future”.

Mum of two boys

Holistic Counselling

“Tereza’s holistic human development came into my life at a time when I was experiencing difficulties in my relationships. Tereza offered energetic healing exercises to heal my experience of these relationships and suggested specific questions to ask myself each morning during my meditation/ journaling practice. I have since been able to shift this negative energy and rebuild the relationships in my life based on mutual respect, care and understanding. I am so grateful for Tereza’s unique skillset as an energy healer and holistic counsellor and look forward to transforming my life through her healing and guidance”.

Elizabeth, Environment Write/Educator

Holistic Counselling Tereza Andjelic

“Tereza is very kind and passionate about her job. She helped me with things that I had wish I had learnt earlier on in life. Very happy with my overall experience at the life Balance Clinic”.


Holistic Counselling

“I would highly recommend Tereza and her holistic counselling. I sent my stepdaughter to see her as she was experiencing daily panic attacks that were affecting her ability to manage the day to day activities such as picking up her kids from school. From the first phone call to Tereza she said she felt calmer and more in control. Over the next few weeks of attending counselling with Tereza her panic attacks stopped, she became more confident within herself and her relationship with her children improved.
My step daughter decided to take up a 12-week course with Tereza and over this time the changes within her are truly amazing. She feels that she has become better version herself and she has had one panic attack in the last six months”.

Mrs Lisa T

Holistic Counselling

“From a very early age, I have been trying to manage childhood issues without success. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety. Tereza was recommended to me, as I had tried everything and I needed help. I worked with Tereza on a 12 week program and she got to the root of my issues and worked to clear all the deep problems that I had been holding onto. Tereza is amazing, she is kind and very professional. My experience has been amazing, I feel for the first time in my life, free of my issues that have been dragging me down, it has given me a new perspective on life, I can breathe. I would highly recommend Tereza, if you need help, you need to book an appointment and work with her”.



Masters in Holistic Counselling and Meditation Teachings


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