Intuitive Balinese Massage Therapy

Give your body the self-love it deserves with an Intuitive Balinese Massage. Focusing on self-healing is yearned for by everyone because it increases mind and body health entirely. Offering attention to your body as a whole with Intuitive Balinese Massages will allow you to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

What is an Intuitive Balinese Massage?

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Intuitive Balinese Massage is a therapeutic, full-body, front and back massage, strictly non-sexual, that treats and stretches the body from head to toe, releasing stress, tension, and energy blocks with a holistic approach to health and wellness.

 This holistic massage is an ancient and art form that combines deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, light acupressure, stretching and lengthening that holistically heals a patient and put them into a state of deep relaxation.

The fundamental techniques that are used in this holistic massage are:

Long flowing strokes |Deep tissue massage | Stretching | Skin rolling and kneading

This massage intends for the masseuse and patient to connect on an emotional, physical and spiritual level with intuitive and deep pressure kneading of the body to release tension and stress.

 When the techniques have collaborated with the masseuse’s intuition, it creates a deep connection between the masseuse and patient where energy is released.

Through the various techniques of the massage, it stimulates and improves blood and energy flow, benefits your Lymphatic system, which restores liveliness inside and outside, thus balancing your body as a whole.


  • Intuitive Balinese Massages circumscribe the whole body, especially those that are most derelict.
  • Massaging knots with rhythmic motions at various pressure levels help relax and reduce the stress that can be in tissue.
  • When a build-up of pressure is massaged out, the body feels a deep release, physically and emotionally.
  • A lot of tension is in breast tissue. For females only, Tereza focuses on breast tissue to release those knots, helping patients breathe easier and walk better.
  • Intuitive Balinese Massage touches pressure points that allow energy to flow through the whole body to stimulate the circulatory system.
  • When deep tissue work is practised through the Balinese method, it relieves strained muscles, aches and pains.
  • Focusing on Lymphatic and Circulatory Systems encourages detoxification, rids the body of unwanted waste and allows nutrients to flow better through the body.
  • The touch of Intuitive Balinese Massage reduces blood pressure, makes the heartbeat calmly, releases tension from the nervous system to then boost the immune system in the process and as the days go by post-massage.
  • Having guilt-free time for self-care allows the body to rejuvenate and come back to its happiest state.
  • Most importantly, Intuitive Balinese Massage gives the body peace.

Can you get an Intuitive Balinese Massage when pregnant?

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to receive this treatment when pregnant due to the intensity of the massage.

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How long does it take?

The amount of time spent in an Intuitive Balinese Massage depends on the person. We offer two sessions.


Seventy-five minutes



Ninety minutes



When receiving this treatment, the patient accepts that they are entering a space of unconditional love and care that leaves them with a feeling and sense of peace and newfound energy.

When harmonising techniques and connection between masseuse and patient, it explores the patients’ stress and tension to understand where it comes from and release it in the first session, bringing the patient back to a peaceful and balanced self.



Women Only.

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