meditation classes

Meditation Evenings

A  dynamic approach, working with you in partnership, to bring about cohesion between body, mind and spiritual functioning. The process enables you to work through patterns, beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck; and supports you in opening to greater aspects of the Self.

This meditation class is for anyone that is keen to open up their spiritual awareness. Getting in touch with their true being.

Learning to meditation and quieting the mind is the first steps. Holly Molly can you image within 5 weeks you will be able to just sit with yourself and not have any “Head chatter”.

Each week in this class we will be doing healings on our mind, body and soul.

Trauma healing through meditation, support within the class and Tereza will allow you to heal faster.


Inner Child Healing is when we connect to our inner child and have a soulful connection with them. Our inner child can be the link to us not moving forward in life because of fears that our inner child is holding. The gentle soft connection with the most uplifting feeling.

Mediumship is all about connecting and communicating with the spiritual world.

In this class, we will be learning Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling).

meditation classes

Class Information


Tuesday @ 7.30pm

1.5 to 2 hour classes

Barden Ridge

$35 weekly


Here at Life Balancing Clinic, we offer our clients who suffer Anxiety programs that help give them their own power back.

We understand that they are an individual; have different problems, different symptoms, different attitudes and different abilities to manage their situation.

The process for providing quality care and correct guidance for our clients suffering from depression, stress-related disorders, anxiety and panic disorders, is as follows:

Safety – Provide a safe environment (That is respectful and confidential).

Hope – Provide an optimistic vision for the achievement of complete recovery. Hope heals!

Educate – Provide substantiated information on what our clients are experiencing (Fight or Flight: what it is, why we have it and how it works along with its symptoms and long term effects).

Empower – Provide tools that allow our clients to manage their Fight or Flight responses.

Equip – Provide tools that empower our clients to gain control over their own thought processes and develop more positive mind sets.

Support – Provide ongoing support and guidance; Assist them to grow and develop on their own pace in the direction they choose for themselves.

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