Meditation for mums to be

Meditation for Mums to Be

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Women who are healthy, confident and relaxed, have sufficient support, positive attitudes and good coping skills will have faster and less painful births than women who do not have all these important tools.

Nobody says being a parent is easy but this class, practices and tips can help you feel less disoriented and find more joy during this journey. 

We have looked at the theory that pain during childbirth and longer than necessary birthing times are caused by the mothers fear and stress. We have considered that the effects of being in the fight or flight response cause the birthing mother’s body to contradict her body’s natural ability to birth her child with minimal pain and in a natural timeframe.

Most information provided to mum’s to be creates an image of birth that is painful and dangerous; ironically it is the fear of the pain and the danger that creates the pain and danger.

As a meditation therapists I will  provide you with practical and effective tools that will ensure you embark on your birthing experience in a relaxed and confident state.

Meditation for mums to be

Let’s work on:


  • The physiology of childbirth – Understanding the fight or flight response
  • Breathing for relaxation – Full body muscle relaxation exercise
  • Fear – Positive mindsets: Optimism journal – Affirmations
  • Meditation (Zen and creative visualisation)
  • Self-Love and Body-Love
  • Grounding
  • And more…
  • All our meditation classes are held via zoom

  • Weekly payments to be made before class

  • A discount is offered if paid upfront

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