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Psychic Animal Communication Workshop - Tereza Andjelic



19TH OCTOBER 2024 –


Welcome to our Animal Communication Workshop! Learn to connect with animals on a psychic level, guided by Tereza Andjelic. Develop telepathic techniques to understand the animal kingdom’s thoughts and emotions. Enhance your bond with practical exercises and real-time practice. Deepen your spiritual connection with animals!

Psychic Animal Communication Workshop


In a poignant and deeply emotional moment, Tereza Andjelic’s psychic abilities facilitated a heartfelt exchange between a devoted horse owner and her beloved companion, Moonlight. At over 35 years old, Moonlight was nearing the end of his earthly journey, prompting his caring owner to seek guidance from Tereza.

With reverence and compassion, Tereza connected to Moonlight’s spirit, opening a channel for communication between horse and human. To her astonishment, Moonlight expressed gratitude and affection towards his owner, conveying his deep love and appreciation for their bond.

However, amidst the love and fondness shared between horse and owner, Moonlight harbored a simple request—he longed for the vitamins and chiropractic sessions to come to an end. Overwhelmed by the understanding that Tereza could convey his wishes to his cherished owner, Moonlight’s emotions spoke volumes, reflecting the profound connection between them.

For Tereza, this psychic reading proved to be one of the most challenging experiences, as she bore witness to the raw emotions shared between owner and horse. The depth of their understanding and empathy for one another underscored the undeniable bond forged over years of companionship and care.

In honoring Moonlight’s wishes, the owner demonstrated an unparalleled level of love and respect for her beloved horse, recognizing his needs and desires with unwavering compassion. Through Tereza’s guidance, both owner and horse were able to navigate this tender moment with grace and understanding, reaffirming the power of psychic connection in facilitating profound emotional healing and closure.

Psychic Animal Communication Workshop


Understand animals’ thoughts, emotions, and needs.
Psychic Animal Communication Workshop


Strengthen relationships with profound understanding.
Psychic Animal Communication Workshop


Develop innate psychic skills for communication.
Psychic Animal Communication Workshop


Cultivate empathy and connection with wildlife.
Psychic Animal Communication Workshop


Discover hidden talents and strengths within.
Psychic Animal Communication Workshop


Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about animals.

why come along?

Psychic Animal Communication Workshop Tereza Andjelic

Deepen Your Bond

Have you ever wished you could truly understand what animals are trying to communicate? Our workshop offers you the opportunity to do just that. By learning telepathic communication techniques, you’ll gain insights into the animal kingdom’s thoughts, emotions, and needs. Imagine the joy of responding to animals in a way that truly resonates with them, strengthening your connection to the vast and diverse world of creatures. As you deepen your understanding of the animal kingdom’s perspective, you’ll cultivate a deeper sense of empathy and connection, leading to more harmonious relationships with all living beings.
Psychic Animal Communication Workshop Tereza Andjelic

Personal Growth

Connecting with animals on a psychic level isn’t just about them; it’s also about you. As you delve into the world of animal communication, you’ll discover new aspects of yourself. You’ll learn to trust your intuition, quiet your mind, and be present in the moment. These skills extend far beyond your interactions with animals, enriching your relationships and enhancing your overall well-being. Through this journey, you may also uncover hidden talents and strengths, igniting a sense of empowerment and self-discovery.
Psychic Animal Communication Workshop Tereza Andjelic

Practical Skills

Our workshop goes beyond theory; it’s hands-on and experiential. Through guided exercises and real-time practice sessions, you’ll learn practical techniques that you can apply in your daily life. From tuning into subtle energy cues to interpreting animal behavior, you’ll develop a toolkit of skills that empower you to communicate with animals in a meaningful way. These skills not only deepen your bond with the animal kingdom but also enhance your ability to navigate the complexities of human relationships with greater empathy and understanding.
Psychic Animal Communication Workshop Tereza Andjelic


Joining our workshop means becoming part of a supportive community of animal lovers. Share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with others who share your passion for the animal kingdom. Our community is a place where you can learn from each other, celebrate successes, and offer support during challenges. Together, we create a nurturing environment where everyone can thrive in their journey of animal communication. Join us in this transformative experience, where you’ll not only learn to communicate with animals but also form lasting connections with like-minded individuals who share your love and respect for the diverse creatures that inhabit our world.
When considering the value of this workshop, it’s paramount to recognize its profound implications for individuals and our collective relationship with the animal kingdom. This workshop isn’t merely an educational opportunity; it’s a catalyst for a transformative shift in consciousness that emphasizes empathy, understanding, and respect for all living beings, particularly animals.

At its core, this workshop is about fostering a deeper connection with animals—one that transcends language barriers and taps into the universal language of the heart. By learning the art of animal communication, participants gain insights into animals’ thoughts, emotions, and needs, thereby enhancing their ability to empathize with and care for them.

In today’s world, where human activities increasingly encroach upon natural habitats and threaten wildlife populations, protecting and honouring animals’s more important than ever. From deforestation and habitat destruction to climate change and poaching, animals face myriad challenges that jeopardize their survival. By equipping individuals with the skills to communicate with animals and advocate for their welfare, this workshop empowers participants to become agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

Moreover, honouring animals isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s also essential for our well-being. Research has shown that spending time with animals can have profound psychological and emotional benefits, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. By nurturing our connection with animals, we cultivate a sense of interconnectedness and belonging that enriches our lives and enhances our sense of compassion and empathy.

This workshop also serves as a platform for raising awareness about the importance of animal conservation and welfare. Through educational sessions, hands-on exercises, and interactive discussions, participants understand the challenges facing animals today and explore ways to address them. By fostering a culture of respect and stewardship towards animals, we can work together to create a more compassionate and sustainable world for all beings.

Furthermore, this workshop is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom. From majestic elephants and graceful dolphins to playful dogs and curious cats, animals enrich our lives in countless ways. By learning to communicate with them, we gain a greater appreciation for their unique personalities, behaviours, and contributions to the world.

The value of this workshop extends far beyond the individual benefits it offers; it’s about fostering a deeper connection with animals and advocating for their protection and welfare. By learning to communicate with animals and honouring their inherent worth, participants not only enrich their own lives but also contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable future for all beings.

Psychic Animal Communication Workshop


Tereza Andjelic’s remarkable psychic abilities extend beyond human clients to animals, as evidenced by her extraordinary chook psychic reading. Presented with a photo of a distressed chook experiencing anxiety and feather loss, Tereza embarked on a telepathic connection with the bird.

To her surprise, the chook conveyed a distressing message—it revealed that a sense of fear and unease permeated the chicken community due to something transpiring beneath the earth. Determined to uncover the source of this distress, Tereza probed further, seeking to understand the underlying cause.

Upon consulting the client, Tereza’s intuition was validated—the construction of a nearby bridge was unsettling the chooks, unbeknownst to their human caretakers. With this newfound knowledge, Tereza compassionately relayed the information to the chook, assuring it that the situation would be addressed.

In the ensuing months, as construction ceased and the earth settled, a remarkable transformation occurred. The chooks, once plagued by anxiety and feather loss, began to exhibit signs of relaxation and contentment. Through Tereza’s intervention, harmony was restored to the chicken community, demonstrating the profound impact of her psychic insights on the well-being of animals.




  • Meditation
  • Connecting to one’s inner psychic
  • Psychic readings
  • Self-growth
  • Community connection
  • Lunch

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Dates: 19th October 2024  & 20th October 2024

Starting time: 9 am (both days)

Finishing time: 5 pm (both days)

Investment in your mindset:

Course – $850AUD

Deposit to hold your space AUD 250 (non-refundable)

Instalment plans welcome


Whsitling Hill – Lillian Rock (8km out from Nimbin)


In a heartwrenching scenario, Tereza Andjelic’s psychic abilities were put to the test when a beloved family pet rabbit went missing. With determination and compassion, Tereza embarked on a telepathic connection with the rabbit to unravel the mystery of its disappearance.

To her astonishment, the rabbit communicated its whereabouts—it was hiding across the road, evading the company of the family’s 5-year-old boy. Distressed by the child’s unintentional harm, the rabbit had sought refuge away from the source of its discomfort.

Armed with this vital information, Tereza delicately broached the subject with the worried parents. Upon learning of the rabbit’s distress, they immediately intervened, having a heartfelt conversation with their young son about treating the rabbit with gentleness and care.

Assured by Tereza’s reassurance that communication had been established between the family and the rabbit, the pet soon felt safe to return home. With the parents’ newfound awareness and the boy’s commitment to gentle interaction, the rabbit rejoined its family, its trust in human companionship restored.

Through Tereza’s empathetic connection and intervention, a potentially heartbreaking situation was resolved, underscoring the profound impact of her psychic abilities on the bond between humans and animals.

Psychic Animal Communication Workshop
Tereza Andjelic

About tereza andjelic

Tereza Andjelic is renowned as a holistic counselor and energy healer, priding herself on fostering a warm, caring, and secure environment for her clients. With a holistic approach, she collaborates with individuals across various demographics, including teens, adults, couples, individuals with disabilities, healthcare professionals, and corporate clients. Her methodology aligns mind, body, spirit, and emotions, assisting clients in identifying emotional triggers associated with anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, trauma, and addiction.

Drawn to holistic counselling by a transformative personal experience, Tereza was inspired to embark on a journey of empowerment and healing. Her own profound encounter with holistic counselling illuminated new life perspectives, leading to a healthier lifestyle for herself and her loved ones. Now, she passionately extends her expertise to others, aiding them in overcoming obstacles and unlocking their fullest potential.

With extensive studies dating back to 2013, Tereza holds a Master’s in Holistic Counseling from the International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association (IMTTA). 2018 she further enriched her knowledge by obtaining an Honors in Holistic Counseling during her travels to India.

In addition to her counselling prowess, Tereza possesses a unique psychic gift, which she seamlessly integrates into her holistic practice. By tapping into her intuitive abilities, she provides clients with profound insights and guidance, further enhancing the transformative nature of her sessions.

Tereza’s holistic approach consistently yields remarkable results for her clients—transformative, practical, and sustainable. Testimonials overflow with gratitude for the healing, growth, newfound perspectives, and coping strategies gained through their work together. In Tereza’s compassionate care, clients embark on journeys of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic well-being.


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